Marjan Fabjan, MD

Specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

Marjan Fabjan MD is the founder of Estetika Fabjan. In 1992, he opened his first practice for cosmetic surgery in Kranj, Slovenia. Before opening his clinic, he worked as a general surgeon in the General Hospital Jesenice and was already training in plastic surgery. As a mentor, he was passing on his international experience and knowledge to younger surgeons in his clinic and thus established a top professional medical team.

According to him, the purpose of a cosmetic procedure is to help people who are not satisfied with their self-image and find it difficult to accept themselves as they are, because their non-acceptance of a particular part of their body takes so much of their life energy that it is difficult for them to live. He believes that the surgeon must have psychological knowledge, because he must be able to estimate whom the surgery will really help. And if the people regain their life energy, their mission is accomplished.

He speaks Slovenian, Croatian, English, German, and Italian.

The work of a doctor is a lifestyle. Therefore, the moments you take to yourself are so much more important. When he is free, he likes to go hiking with his wife, sailing, biking or just be silly.